Israelis teaching Chinese martial arts?!


You have got to admit that this title says it all.

Adi Talmor, who was a soldier in the Paratroopers Brigade in the IDF and was a security guard in different Israeli embassies and El Al branches, started Alpha Angel with a Chinese partner.

Through Alpha Angel, former elite IDF soldiers, Krav Maga experts and martial arts experts are teaching employees of Chinese companies how to defend themselves during dangerous situations. Many Chinese government companies are doing work in developing countries and the employees sent often falling victim to armed robberies or kidnapping. Some of these instances result in death.

“Our potential clients know that Israelis are the best in the business but still constantly ask for proof,” said Talmor.

Maybe “The Krav Maga Kid” could be the next blockbuster!

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Photo by kaibara87 on flickr.

Disabled people training in the Israel Defense Force

The heart and soul of Israel

Soldiers for a week (Photo: IDF Spokesperson's Unit)

One of the biggest challenges for people with special needs is integration into general society. Since serving in the army is so central to life in Israel, giving these people a chance to experience army life is a big gift. There is now a new program in the army that allows disabled people to do a specialized, one week basic training course.

Major Ariel Almog, the Commander of the Home Front Command in Ramle and the main man behind this exciting program, said that it was the 10 boys’ and nine girls’ strong wills that got them through a difficult week of wearing uniforms, sleeping on the base (with their fathers’ which sounds like it was a touching experience in itself), doing a two-kilometre trek and learning how to shoot guns in a shooting range in lying position.

The program was considered a success and the army is now ready for the next round.

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A letter to the president concerning police officer Shahar Mizrahi

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Last week an embarrassing chapter was recorded in the chronicles of the Israeli Supreme Court. A judge doubled Officer Shahar Mizrahi’s sentence and sent him to jail for two and a half years following a situation where he protected us against a criminal. We are calling upon President Shimon Peres to right this wrong and grant Mizrahi immediate pardon.

To the President of Israel

Mr. Shimon Peres

President’s Residence


We, the members of the movement “My Israel,” turn to you with the request that you pardon police officer Shahar Mizrahi who was just sentenced to 30 months of incarceration after his original sentence was exacerbated by the Supreme Court.

We see in this decision of the Supreme Court a serious infringement on the rights of the Israeli citizen – the right to security, protection of life and protection of property. This decision broadcasts a message of submission and weakness to criminals and thieves, giving them the feeling they are protected in their felonious acts. It also strikes a terrible blow to the morale of the policemen and policewomen who stand every day as the living separation between us and those who wish to harm us.

On the day Mizrahi was sent to jail we received a painful reminder of how this incident could have ended differently. Word came of the deterioration of Officer Shlomi Assulin’s medical condition, who was stabbed during the arrest of a car thief. He is in serious condition, lying in a coma for four years now.

Car thievery is economic terrorism against the Israeli citizen. Each such incident can change in a second from a criminal act to a terrorist one and the police force and border police must receive full support in this war that they are fighting for us.

Mizrahi deserves an award, not, God forbid, years in jail as if he were the latest criminal.

We call on you, Mr. President, to do justice, to right the wrong that has been done, to remove the embarrassment of this terrible absurdity of this decision and to grant immediate pardon to Officer Shahar Mizrahi.

The form for pardon of Officer Shahar Mizrahi

Please share this – the new video by My Israel requesting the release of Officer Shahar Mizrahi

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Last week an embarrassing chapter was recorded in the chronicles of the Israeli Supreme Court. A judge doubled Officer Shahar Mizrahi’s sentence and sent him to jail for two and a half years following a situation where he protected us against a criminal. We are calling upon President Shimon Peres to right this wrong and grant Mizrahi immediate pardon.

YouTube Preview Image

The video above was created by the Criminals’ Union of Israel. A special thank you to Dorit Beinish.

Please watch this video and pass it on to as many people as possible. This is the only way to insure Mizrahi’s release!

Also, please join the call to President Shimon Peres to change the sentence and end this injustice. Sign the form for the pardon of Shahar Mizrahi.

Pilot hero dies at 88


Reginald Levy - photo courtesy of family

1972… It was the year that 11 Israeli athletes were murdered by members of the terrorist group Black September at the summer Olympics in Munich.

But Black September had a busy year and so did Israel as a result.

Also in 1972, four members of the terrorist group hijacked a Sabena flight from Vienna to Tel Aviv. Reginald Levy, a British Jew, was the pilot that day. He landed the plane in Tel Aviv and began the intense job as the go-between for the terrorists and the Israeli officials.

Levy was in excellent Israeli company that day. The rescue mission negotiations were headed by security minister Moshe Dayan. When Levy was sent with a threatening message to the Israelis on the ground, he met with Dayan and Shimon Peres. The operation was orchestrated by then Lt.-Col. Ehud Barak and one of the soldiers who later boarded the plane was now Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Reginald Levy - photo courtesy of family

Levy played a central role in the Israeli rescue mission. He was sent back to the plane with a false message that the plane needed servicing. The “technicians” sent were disguised IDF elite unit Sayeret Matkal soldiers. Levy was also requested to buy time which he did by reading out the passengers’ names slowly and incorrectly.

This risky mission, which in the end took the life of one passenger alone, might not have succeeded if it weren’t for Levy.

Reginald Levy died on August 1, 2010 at the age of 88 in a hospital in England.

Some of the information for this article was taken from a ynetnews article.

In memory of Lt. Col. Emmanuel Yehuda Moreno, z”l, commander in the Sayeret Matkal elite IDF army unit

The heart and soul of Israel

Exactly four years ago, on the eve of Shabbat, the 25th of Av (August 18, 2006), an IDF army unit entered into enemy territory in Ba’albek, Lebanon. During the operation the unit came into conflict with Hezbollah, and Emmanuel was hit by enemy fire and died almost immediately.

To this day no one is allowed to see his picture for security reasons.

YouTube Preview Image

Emmanuel is one of the greatest fighters of our time. He was a brave, humble and good man. He truly loved his wife and children and was always there to help any Jew no matter who they were. He believed in the People of Israel, the Land of Israel and the Torah of Israel with all his heart.

All of us, religious and non-religious alike, can benefit from trying to emulate Emmanuel and his ideals – his good-heartedness, his love of the land and the people, his modesty and his courage.

If each of us were to try to be a little better, a little more caring, this would make our memory of this heroic fighter more meaningful and make Israel that much of a better place.

May his memory be a blessing.

YouTube Preview Image

To our dear reservists, the quiet heroes (In memory of Lt. Col. Dov Harari)

All, Breaking news, The heart and soul of Israel

This week, on Tuesday August 3, Lt. Col. Dov Harari was shot to death while clearing brush on the Lebanese border during his reserve duty. He was 45 years old, a husband and a father of four children.

The following letter is translated from Hebrew. You can read the original here. It is a tribute letter to all the reservists who give of themselves so we can sleep in peace.

He awakes every morning for work. He gets organized, drops off the kids and works hard to make a living.

He’s happy when his son takes his first steps and when his daughter celebrates her bat mitzva.

He loves his family, his friends and his country. He is a man of few words and plenty of action.

A few weeks a year he leaves everything, goes to the storage room and starts preparing his bag. He cleans the dust from his shoes, puts on his uniform, says goodbye to the family and leaves for miluim (reserve duty).

He’ll call home eight times a day just to hear the kids’ voices. He does military training. He goes on missions, he does what he’s told, even as his older body makes it a little more difficult.

He loves his miluim friends. They laugh, make coffee, guard late into the night. And everything is for the country and for each other, the friends in the unit.

And then sometimes a moment of truth arrives. There is shooting and there are explosions.

And then a knock at the door.

And the wife and children answer.

And everything is changed. Forever. Nothing will ever be as it was.

Dear friends, these are the people carrying Israel on their shoulders. The reserve fighters of the Israeli Defense Force are the true heroes of the people of Israel.

Every night, as we watch TV, comfortably get into bed, somewhere is a reservist lying in an ambush or walking in a patrol and letting us all live our lives.

To our dear reservist fighters, on this very difficult night, with tears in our eyes, we want to say: Thank you.

The Events that caused the death of Lt. Col. Dov Harari

Take Action

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Help spread the truth about the chain of events that led to the death of Lt. Col. Dov Harari.

It is important that the citizens of Israel and the world understand and internalize:

The State of Israel cannot depend on foreign forces for its protection. Only a strong IDF and blue-and-white security will protect and defend the State of Israel.

Get Tzipi Livni to dismiss Kadima Chair Ramon for his subversive acts against Israel

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Call Kadima MKs to demand Tzipi Livni stop hiding and immediately dismiss Kadima Chair Ramon for his subversive acts against Israel as revealed by Israel Radio.

The Israeli people demand that Livni dismiss Ramon from his position as chairman of the Kadima Council.

Israel Radio revealed that Ramon met with the head of the PA in a hotel and asked that they not cooperate with Netanyahu’s government because “you will receive far more from Livni.”

Call Kadima MKs to demand Ramon’s dismissal.

Ruhama Avraham 050-6204666

Nachman Shai 050-5232900

Avi Dichter 054-2525263

Yonatan Pelser 050-2525335

Dalia Itzik 054-7791791

Meir Sheetrit 050-5601212

Ronit Tirush 052-3566221

Tzachi Hanegbi 050-7993377

Roni Baron 054-6601111

Stop discrimination against religious Jews by Miriam Kainey’s Theater Prize committee

Take Action

Miriam Kainey , a director and a member of the Theater Prize committee is attempting to prevent religious people from serving on the committee. The prize is a State prize and not her private prize. She does not apologize for this and is proud of her behavior against religious Jews.

Call the Minister of Culture and Sports Limor Livnat demanding the immediate dismissal of Kainey from the committee as well as the immediate ceasing of state funding for her plays. 03.636.7222. Details here

We will not tolerate anti-religious discrimination. Take action.  Call Limor Livnat Now!

Join the petition and spread the word to your friends.

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